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So, you really want to solve those puzzles? Quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily?

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The Sudoku Solutions Book

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Thanks Mike. "I can see clearer now". Great value for the money.
Maggie Jackson, Bangor

The Sudoku Solutions Book

This book features three Sudoku puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty, demonstrating, step by step, the different techniques you need to place the correct numbers in the correct cells.

What you'll learn?
sudoku solving The importance of Pairs
sudoku solving How Linked Pairs can help you.
sudoku instruction book What Virtual Pairs are.
sudoku solving How to find the perfect Pairs; Twins!
sudoku solving Learn the importance of Triplets,
Quads and Quins.
sudoku solver Cross Hatching and how important it is.
How Unrelated Blocks can help.
The best way to avoid useless candidates

The Sudoku Solutions Book

can be yours!

For Only $4.99!

What used to be a Sudoku maze to me is now a straightforward stroll from start to end.
Patrick Johnston, Bronxville

Overview of a Sudoku puzzle is all important but many people lose that overview very quickly and then the game becomes a messy maze of pencil marks, erasures and general mess. Which can lead to a premature ejection to the wastepaper basket and a slightly raised blood-pressure.

The Sudoku Solutions Book
helps you prevent these frustrations. You learn the steady, step-by-step approach which may sound slow but it will get you to the completion more quickly once you've practised a few times.

The Sudoku Solutions Book
costs only $4.99.

Only $4.99!

I liked the simplicity and clarity. I wish all learning books were This good.
Guy Hamilton, LA

And the benefits
you get for $4.99?
Your game is cleaned up
Your overview of the puzzles improves
You see more without looking
Your enjoyment soars

And the 5th Benefit?
You're also backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If at any point in time, you feel that the product isn't what you're looking for, just send an email and we'll refund your money and you get to keep The Sudoku Solutions Book - so the risk is totally on us.

Get Your Copy Now!
Only $4.99!

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