In the Sixties Pirate Radio burst on the scene giving millions of people what they'd been longing for. A choice of radio stations that they wanted to listen to instead of the compulsory BBC stations.

I was lucky to be part of that history-making period, working as DJ on Radio 270; the Yorkshire station based in Scarborough and broadcasting from the Oceaan 7, a converted Dutch fishing vessel, usually at anchor off Flamborough Head or Bridlington Bay.

Discovered on the web, a diamond from the pirate radio days. It's in French and I am in it but be patient, I'm at the end. Pirate Radio City..
And while we're talking about Radio City
here's a site with lots of info about it .
Here's some links to some sites dedicated to the memory of Pirate Radio.
Hans Knot is a Dutch gentleman who lives in Groningen, in the North of Holland, and he produces a fascinating newletter all about pirate radio and radio in general. Visit his site to read some back editions and to subscribe. That's -

Just Arrived!

Sent to me by the ever kind Guy Hamilton. Ah memories.

Here are some
memory-lane photo's.

  • Me in the studio in Aden (1964). (The hair!)

  • Doing my last Aden show, outside with Kit. (1965)

  • Dennis The Menace Straney.

  • Rusty Allen

  • Paul Burnett

  • Mikey Mo

  • Mike, Guy, Hal and Rusty

  • Rusty, Mike, Guy and Hal

  • Me in the studio

  • Oceaan 7's bridge

  • The Guv. Wilf Proudfoot

  • Guy and Mike - 2006.

  • Paul and Mike - 2010.

  • With BeeGee Maurice Gibb and Gary Brooker,
    of Procul Harum, Eden Playboy Club, Berlin 1968

  • With Maurice and the two non-Gibb
    members of the early Bee Gees,
    Eden Playboy Club, Berlin 1968

  • With Neil Christian and an AFN DJ
    Eden Playboy Club, Berlin 1968

  • Me posing, Big Eden Club, Berlin 1968

The norm then was for DJ's to have their own
signature-tune with which they started and
ended their shows. I loved mine. It was
Ted Heath, a well known band-leader, and his
Orchestra and the tune made famous by Al Jolson,
There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder!!

And some more memories. Here's a silly-song,
influenced by the one and only Goon Show,
I recorded to announce the one and only ME!
Mike Hayes Is In Town Again!!

A surprise from Guy Hamilton was this 'lost' recording of the last 3 minutes of one of my breakfast shows.
It's a bit scratchy and almost 50 years old!!!
Go! Go! Go! With Mikey Mo!

Here's a wonderful insight into the world of pounds, shillings and pence and supermarket prices in the 60's.
The Proudfoot Supermarket commercial!!

A lovely memory for 270 fans is this 5 minute recording from the 1966 Christmas Rave presented by me and ably interrupted by the Hamilton. 270 Christmas Rave!!

In 2009 I was contacted by BBC Tees to do an interview about Radio 270. Click here to hear the interview with Ken Snowdon.

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