Job Hunters book

Do You Want A Dead-End Job
Or A Dead Certainty?
Get Out Of The Cul-de-Sac
And Get Onto The Freeway!

Job application

Do you have problems with:

what you might be missing?
where you're working?
a lack of challenge in your life?
wanting to contribute more?
what others may think of you?

Stop applying for any job.
Decide for yourself:

where you want to work.
what job you want to do.
what your ambitions are.
what career path you want to follow.
and decide now!

The Job Hunter's Book
Mike Hayes reveals
Insider Secrets.

During his management career the author read thousands of job applications .
He interviewed hundreds of hopefuls.
He has seen the mistakes that are made countless times.
So he decided to bundle this knowledge in this small but powerful book to give every hopeful Job Hunter the techniques they need to make their job applications succesful.

The Job Hunter's Book

features the instructions needed to make
each of the steps easy to carry out.

What it contains:

deciding what job you want.
investigating where the best jobs
are for you.
finding out which companies need you.
window dressing, how to make you look attractive.
emulaing Sherlock Holmes in detecting what the companies you are interested in are really like!.
composing and writing The Letter!.
the story of your life so far. What should be included in your CV?
facing the future, preparation for the job interview.
Life's a play and we're all actors.
appearance or what you should think about wearing for the summit.
considering the rewards that you should be considering.
and not to forget the boring bit, the administration.

The Job Hunter's Book

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