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Thanks again Mike. After Sudoku Solutions this book moved me on to these other challenging puzzles.
Maggie Jackson, Bangor

Jigsaw Sudoku Solutions,

the companion volume to
Sudoku Solutions,
also handles three puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty, demonstrating, step by step, the different techniques you need to sort out the correct numbers to place in the correct cells.

What you'll learn?
sudoku solving The importance of Pairing
sudoku lessons How Linked Pairs help you.
sudoku instruction book What Virtual Pairs are and how do they
help expose the all important Solos?
sudoku tutorial How to find the perfect Pairs; Twins!
puzzle solving The importance of Triplets,
Quads and Quins.
super sudoku solver What their influence is when they are Dominant?

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I love the structured approach, just what I needed.
G. Dekker, Amsterdam

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Just like your other book, this one got me on track in hours.
Terry Clark, Queens, NY

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For Only $4.99!

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