A collection of clips one in which I play the real Kennedy murderer!

Showreel up until May 2014 - 3m 26s
Includes Ze Kent Me, Mr Cuckoo and Screenplay Interviews.
Mike Hayes Showreel.

I like singing Elvis and give a concert now and then in my village in France.
Here's one of the numbers I did.


Then I'm an American again in Westenwind, a series about a ship-building dynasty in Rotterdam. This time I'm not after a baby but after drugs. I'm a criminal!

2003 - American criminal - Westenwind

2002 - American - De Enclave - <1m
De Enclave.
1999 - Hoofdrol, Bob - Screenplay Interviews - Paul Ruven - 3m 43sec
A four part series with me in the main part.
Screenplay Interviews.
Roughly 1 minute from each of the 4 episodes.
In 1999 Paul Ruven chose me to play the 'Actor's Agent' in his movie Enigma.

View it here.

To reduce size I converted this to mpg with trial software,that explains the watermark in the centre of the screen.

In 1994 Paul made yet another 'weird', short movie, Zap. I was lucky to be asked to play a television gardener.


Paul Ruven asked me for a rôle in his 1993 movie, Shocking Blue. This called for me to play the writer, Stephen King, with a short monologue under the shower.

Shocking Blue.

In 1986 I was cast as the (American) Desk Sergent in Flodder in America, directed by Dick Maas.

Flodder in America.

In 1986 I made a commercial for the Dutch independent airline, Transavia. This was shown on the then new and revolutionary satelite station, Sky Television.


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